CSS Limited has established a Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental System, the purpose of which is to ensure that the Company:

We at CSS Recruitment Abu Dhabi continuously rely on their expertise and their commitment to abiding by the latest certifications and we continuously ensure to collaborate with CSS Limited to source skilled candidates in terms of the latest quality, health and environmental systems.

The system is designed to ensure compliance with the requirements of:

All health, safety and environmental legal requirements to which the Company subscribes, including:

QUALITY, ISO 9001:2015

ISO9001:2015 is an internationally certified Quality Management System (QMS). It provides documented evidence that CSS Limited can consistently provide services that meet and exceed the needs of our customers and other relevant stakeholders. The system of open reporting and feedback means CSS Limited can continually improve services to our Client's, Contract Personnel and to our Employee's. For more info: iso.org


ISO14001:2015 is an internationally certified Environment Management System (EMS). It is a systematic framework which enables CSS Limited to manage the immediate and long term environmental impacts of our services and processes. For more info:  iso.org


OHSAS18001:2007 is an internationally certified Occupational Health and Safety Management standard. The OSHAS18001:2007 standard shall authenticate CSS Limited’s proficiency to identify risks and reduce them to as low as reasonably practicable, by:

Demonstrate our commitment to assuring the safety of employees and the wider public. For more info:  iso.org

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